About Me

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I am proud of who I am and who I have become over the years, although like any normal human being I have also found myself pulling through the ups and downs in life.
When I first started reading my first book, probably at the age of three, I dreamt of many things that I wish to be when I grew up and I can say that my ambitions have been anything, but unknown.
I never had the doubt that I could not do anything in my life, thanks to a pair of great parents who made sure that I knew they were always there as my twin pillars in my life. I was never told what I can or cannot do, nor must I be someone who should make it to the Hall of Fame someday.
The most important is to have tried my best. However, I wanted to be successful (who doesn't?) and my aspirations have been many, but a few have constantly grew its roots in my mind over the years that I grew up.
I have wanted to be a doctor, a dentist, a teacher, a lawyer, and most of all, a great writer.
Yes, I love to write and it is not a surprise, judging from the many many blogs that I have under my profile here in blogger alone. I read and I write, and I don't remember ever liking anything else that much in the years I grew up to be who I am today.
I grew up having access to reading materials which ranged from simple ABC books to mystery novels, autobiographies, thrillers, romance, documentaries, historical, profile magazines and I even read textbooks or manuals.
I appear as a very serious and focused person; particularly when I am reading or doing my writing and I may appear to be apprehensive to people whom I don't know or who don't know me, but I am one who is full of passion and faith and also smiles when you start to know me.
I love to smile, and I love a good laugh and one of my many favorite things is to pen down these emotions.

I aspire to be a great and (probably) published writer someday; or to work in one of the top newspapers/magazines one day. I may not be the type to be able to rough it out, but my pen can be sharpened to share my passionate and creative mind. I have ridden a camel, swam with the whales, rolled up snowballs, and analyzed crime scenes or human minds all through the simple act of reading and writing. I love a good story, and when I am inspired, I can just keep writing and writing until I even lost track of time. Talk to my parents or those who have been roommates before and they can vouch for that truth.

I am someone who is just driven with passion in what she likes to do, and for that, I will keep going until I believe that I can no longer go one and I hope that day will never come.
For now, I am just going to share my life, my journeys, my tastes, my opinions, my sarcasm, and my aspirations in all the blogs that I have on my profile.
I hope you will enjoy reading about my life experiences, and laugh or cry along with me; and don't hesitate to write or contact me if you want to share an opinion or two!

My Life Motto
If You Think You Can, You Can, Because Nothing is Impossible!:)