Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Letter to the World's Greatest Dad

They say the Hand that Rocks the Candle rules the World
While the idiom was meant for the power and grace of motherhood, I would like to use this as well for my Daddy who had been the other hand on my cradle

He was the Man behind everything in my life
He was the Man of the House
He was the Man who brought food to the table
Slaving his days out in the tough world out there
Sweating out each challenge and hardship
Roughing it out for he only has his children on his mind
He was the Man who taught me all there is to know about the world
The good, the bad and the ugly
He was the Man who taught me never to be afraid
He will always be there for me
In the darkness, in loneliness, and in times when I just need someone
This is the Man who told me I could be anyone I want to
He never told me things I could not do
He showed me light in all that I do
He held my hand along the way
Never letting go even when I am all grown up today
Even when he handed me over to another man in marriage
He will always watch over me
Simply because I am that little girl in his eyes
That Daddy's Little Girl that he will always protect
That princess in his heart whom none can hurt

He was the Man every little girl first idolized
He was the Man every little girl benchmarked for their future husband
He was the Man no other man could ever live up to in a girl's life
He was That Man I know as my dearest Daddy

I am proud to be your daughter
Thank you for Always being there for me
Always telling me that I was the Best thing in your life
You are my Best Friend, and my Superhero

The things you could do require more than Superpowers
And for that, you deserve that Halo and Wings
Which I am pretty sure is hidden underneath all that greatness in you

I will never forget that I am never grown up in your eyes
And that you are still always there as my protector
I am always that little girl
And now, your little girl would like to say a very Big Thank You
and to wish you a Happy Father's Day
Not just for today, but for that every single day
Because you are simply the World's Greatest Dad!

I Love You Daddy!~

With Love always,
The little girl who will never grow up in your eyes

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