Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Completed posting on Perth!

It's been a whole good two months but I have finally completed my posts on Perth in my traveblogue.
You can read it here

I am currently compiling on my Singapore trip; even though I have been to Singapore more than once, I still love this country for travel and shopping!
I was treated to interesting places and food during this recent trip which I can't wait to share about in my travel blog, so stay tune!~

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Conference in Singapore 2010

Yeah, it was yet another business trip (like I said, there were really a lot of travels these few months, and I can't say I am not enjoying it ;)

This time, I was bound for Singapore for an internal product launch and technical training cum conference on this new product.

Ironically, this was a training I never did look forward to, despite my love for Singapore (I always leap for joy whenever I plan any trip to Singapore).
Perhaps it had something to do with my motivation level?

The interesting part, it turned out to be an enjoyable trip for me!~
I enjoyed the trainings and meeting new people/colleagues from all over the world; Germany, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc

Oh, and we were definitely spoilt with the luxurious spread of food and after work activities organized by our beloved Singaporean colleagues every evening!
It exhausted us every night and we had to drag our feet to training every morning, but I dare say everyone enjoyed it still.

I loved the hotel I stayed in; it was my second time here and I still loved every bit of it! =)

Day Scenes of the Lion City
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When darkness falls in this modernized neighboring country
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The FOOD....
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I do missed the good times, and the FOOD too, looking back at the photos now...

Do look out for the updates on this trip in my travel blog

Annual Meeting Review in Johor Bahru

Shortly after my Perth trip (after all the fun and relaxing times I've had), it was soon back to reality as our working calendar hits the end of the Fiscal Year.

This means that we are to attend the yearly review meeting.
Last year, it was held in Penang and this year, they decided to choose the southern region and that meant our office in Johor Bahru.

It was rather a last minute notice, and it coincided with my dearest Mummy's birthday (actual day!) but thankfully, I had celebrated with her and the family over the weekend.

Frankly, I didn't look forward to this trip as I never did have a good impression of the state down south but it's not like I had a choise anyway, and so, here goes, the short two days 1 night trip to JB for our meeting.
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I think there seemed to be more food (and wine) involved compared to the actual business agenda when I compiled the photos.
There was nothing much really, besides work and food on this trip and I was glad to be back in Penang after the rather hazy and dirty air down south.