Friday, April 29, 2011

Hidden underneath the seat...

I was at the shopping mall earlier, to get some books (well, that was the main objective) as I have some book vouchers left from a friend who gave it to me as gift.

I walked around the shopping mall, got my books, and some other stuffs along the way (well, that's what they say about women shopping) and made my way to the car park.
After paying for the ticket at the Autopay machine, I walked towards my car, got into the car and took out my sunglasses case to put it on.

To my horror and shock, I saw that the case was empty!
My heart almost stopped and I panicked, but I kept telling myself that I should calm down while I frantically search my driver and passenger seat and also my own handbag as they are the three possible places where the sunglasses could be.
I could not find it, and it added to my anxiety.
To make matters worse, I had to leave the car park in 15 minutes, leaving me with no time to go back to trace my trail in the shopping mall earlier.

I don't recall myself dropping the sunglasses nor did I clip it on my shirt as I sometimes do.
I was really upset and almost on the verge of tears, as I love those sunglasses.
I went back into the shopping mall, after parking by the street after exiting the car park and went into the bookshops and shops I walked into and alas, no avail.
I knew I had to leave; if I dropped it, it would definitely be picked up by someone else and I just did not want to imagine my beloved sunglasses in the hands of another.

I left with a heavy and broken heart, while praying to the Lord and saints for their help for the best possible ending.
While driving home, I kept trying to recall and yet I had no memory of taking the sunglasses out of the car.
I prayed and prayed, feeling more and more distressed by the moment and asked for God's help.

It was God's blessing, for sure, for when I reached home, I made one final attempt to look under the seat and peeked into the side of the passenger seat where things often drop and there, lay my precious sunglasses!

I was so happy and thankful that I must have thanked the Lord and the saints for more than a hundred times!

It is truly God's blessing to me to relocate my sunglasses.

It may sound like my sunglasses is of an expensive or luxury designer brand the way I got so upset over it but no, it is not, not really.
It is the meaning of my belonging, as you know how much I treasure my sunglasses.

The sunglasses was a gift from my Daddy, and it is more than ten years old.
I loved it, and I only have this pair of sunglasses. I rarely buy those RM10 or RM5 sunglasses with fake designer labels as I am particular about the UV coverage and my Daddy also only trust in professional optical shops or specifically, optometrists.

I got mine from an optometrist, and it is a branded sunglasses too, but not too expensive.
At that time, I was already really proud to own a small designer brand :)

I don't want to change for any other brand at the moment as it is still serving me well, though an aunt used to say that it is not that nice and showed off to me that she got her fake DKNY for only RM15.
I don't care, mine is good and it's staying for a long, long time.

It's a good thing that I didn't lose it before my trip tomorrow; I'd hate to be without my good ol' sunglasses when I am traveling (or any of my belongings).

I am thankful for its return, although it was not really lost but still, I am thankful and thanks to its hiding place....right under the passenger seat :)

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