Monday, October 31, 2011

For One Year...

For the past one year, I have been busy with the planning of my wedding; the most important and biggest event in a girl's life.
I spent time to plan and went through every single detail of my BIG DAY.

Along the process, I have enjoyed putting bits and pieces of my ideas and inspirations together.
I have to admit, one year was a long period but there were times when I wished that the time would just fast forward to the date of the wedding!:-)

Perhaps it was the excitement as well, but I just realized that the one year period also led me to learn a lot about myself, my spouse and our loved ones.
There were the good and bad about everyone, and though I am sad to say, I see them both in each and every one.
It was probably a blessing in disguise, as I am probably still living in the past or the dreamland where I still perceive everyone as the same person they were where we left off, but time and environment has certainly changed everyone around me.
On the other hand, perhaps some of these characteristics existed all the while but I just didn't have the time to see through them or I was purely in denial most of the time.
Either way, my wedding was probably the time to remind me to listen and see past the smiling faces.

That would be another story, and in another different post :)

I have been planning for one whole year, that now that my wedding day is in the past, I start to miss the planning process! I wished I could rewind to the time when I started planning :)
It's funny how I wanted to fast forward before the day came and after it has finally arrived, I wanted to rewind to the starting point.
I guess that is just the ironic part of life!

I have so much to tell and to share about my own experiences, and frankly speaking, I have learnt to select my listener even more carefully now.
I think I have been blinded by my own thoughts for too long now, but I wouldn't say it was all negative.
At least I know where the true hearts and intentions are now :-)

I will be back to my blogging mode soon, as I just have so much to share and to pour out here in cyberspace...a place where no one judges :)
(Maybe that was a wrong statement, as there are cyber tracking and police these days too, right?)

Anyway, I am going to be sharing lots of my thoughts and stories, and I will be updating in my FB page, do join it if you haven't! (Advertising now:p )
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