Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Night...T-G-I-F!

Last Friday Night........T-G-I-F T-G-I-F T-G-I-F
No, I am not insulting your spelling competency...but this is one of Katy Perry's song that I kinda like coz it really injects that Thank God It's Friday mood into the veins!

I liked it when I first heard it on the radio; especially the part where they spell/utter the TGIF in that spelling mode slowly, and repeatedly. people!:)

I am not going to go and rave about my love for Fridays....sometimes I do wish it rains too, then it'd be perfect...but no, I don't want to spoil it for the party people out there:)

I'd notice that lots of people seem to leave work early on Fridays, as early as 4pm or reaching home even before 4pm.
I mean, do these people even work?
I know it's Friday, and that you don't want to get caught up in the traffic jam (why only on Fridays anyway?), but still, I don't recall myself leaving work that early.

I used to get half-days on Fridays, although I do work full days occasionally and as big a fan I am of Fridays, I seriously never tried to leave work early just to beat the traffic jam because I feel that it is rather unethical to do so.
Alright, I am not judging...I DON'T judge...everyone has their reasons, I know:)

Well, can it, because I am not going to get all tensed up again, after my promise to loosen up and relax a little!:)

soooooo, T-G-I-F everyone...I'm in an especially good mood today:)

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