Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So much things, so little time......

The past month has been ridiculously crazy, it's like living on full-speed mode all the time and I felt myself losing my breath (and almost my sanity) trying to catch up with it all.

I have such a long list to-do after my trip from Perth, and yet, I don't get to slow down as work required me to travel here and there too, and preparing reports and pep talks for the meetings.
It was supposed to be a more relaxing moment, with the end of the fiscal/financial year for the company, but yet I felt like I was going in an opposite direction, with work and travel piling up.

I had to juggle between business and my personal life as well, with such a long to-do list which seemed to be growing in length by day.

Yeah, I am also complaining about how time seemed to be diminishing before my very eyes every single day and I need more time!

I need to calm down and recollect my thoughts and energy before I am all sapped out of my own breath.

It is time to spend some quality moments with my family and close friends, to enjoy their company and fill my ears and heart with laughter =D
I am not depressed, and I have learnt through the years to cope with insane moments like these, and I am glad to have had my family and friends and not forgetting the BIG HIM above who is always there with me every single moment.

A BIG Smile for myself and it is again, a BRAND New day....and back to the to-do list....

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