Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!~

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It is the eve of the eve of Chinese New Year; also known as the 29th of the Lunar calendar.
Most of the Chinese community are still busy with the preparations; mainly in cleaning up the house and shopping for food and groceries.

Food and drinks are stocked up for the festive season and for visiting guests during open house.
It is a busy week and days leading to the Chinese New Year.

Usually before the eve, everyone is busy with spring cleaning and making do with meals taken away from restaurants or outside.
The good meal starts on New Year's eve itself, and then it continues for the next 15 days.

I have just finished cleaning up my room today, and am slowly rearranging my wardrobe.
I can't believe that the eve is just tomorrow; how time flies!

It is exciting yet tiring anticipating with all the work that needs to be done =P

Anyway, as everyone is getting busy and traveling home to their families for the reunion dinner, I would like to wish everyone a safe journey home and also, a very


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  1. time flew so fast,be4 you know it...cny has ended and it's time to work again.sigh!FELT so heavy hearted having to work...anyway happy cny christina...