Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taking everything in a stride

I do kinda hate Murphy's Law sometimes, whereby Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

I hate it when things go wrong, as it is really annoying when things don't go according to the plan.

It is hard to plan and organize events, and to minimize issues, and yet things crop up one after another.
I tried to accept everything calmly, but seems like sometimes being too nice is really just plain silly as people would just end up taking advantage of you.
I did not lose my temper, but I guess I was just not that cool when people are all stepping over me.
I had to do something, to make my statement clear to make sure that things get done.

I know things will not be perfect, although I want them to be.
I want to enjoy the process, and I will, so, I will just tell myself that everything will be fine.

Things happen all at the same time and I am caught up with one after another.
I will not let them take me down, things will be fine, they will, they always do.

All I need is just faith and a happy smile =)

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