Monday, December 30, 2013

Counting my Blessings - 2013 in Reflection

The year comes and goes, and in barely a wink of an eye, it is time to bid farewell to a year and get ready to welcome another year with open arms.
It is not about whether we are ready for time, just like tide, waits for no man and we should always be ready to face each day with new life and a new attitude!

While I have lost touch with my blogs for more than a year and it was painful not being able to share most of my life stories on my blog, but looking back, I was caught up with so much at work and travel that I barely get to sleep that I wonder had I the time to blog. Or turning it the other way around, I could also have found solace in my blogs where I could just quickly pen down my thoughts and things which took shape around me in the whole entire year. While recovering from the major threats on my blogs, I had seen and gone through so much from 2012 to 2013, and while there are many wonderful moments, I have also had my own share of the bitter experiences but I take it all in a positive stride as I take them as part of my learning experiences; and in growing up (or wiser?)

Many things have happened; it is after all, a total of 365 days in a year, and while I was an optimistic person in general, I have too fallen prey to the pessimist side of myself in some of those days. Thankfully, with God's whispers and guidance, I took His hand and got up, held my head up and smiled. It may hurt at some times, but there is always a silver lining. I am starting to go back to my journal of blessings where I list down all the things which made me happy and things which I may not understand at the moment, but will eventually. It was just a little habit I have since young, and I have taken a backseat once in a while, but I am determined to keep it going.
As today is the last day of 2013, as usual, I will take a trip down memory lane to relive all the memories and major events which I have gone through in the year it was, before starting afresh with the New Year tomorrow.

2013....I have
1. Taken on new major responsibilities at work
2. Learnt to work with different people from different areas of expertise
3. Met new friends who became steadfast buddies (including customers/partners)
4. Helped my customers/clients with their issues at work
5. Taken on new challenges in a new environment
6. Changed my perspectives on life
7. Understood more about why things happen the way they did
8. Traveled to places - for work and for leisure (well, mostly for work, but finally I did take that break for leisure)
9. Taken more notice of my own health and well-being (LOL, I have neglected myself sometimes in the midst of the hectic lifestyle)
10. Reconnected with some old friends and people from the past and it felt extremely good
11. Found my true soul friends whom I can trust and rely on
12. Learnt to Let Go (Okay, I have to admit, this is still in progress, but I am working on it)
13. Changed my hairstyle (hehe, nothing major, just minor changes on the waves by my hairstylist)
14. Relocated to new place due to work, and traveled extensively on a monthly basis
15. Revived my blogs and working on NEW directions and blood for my writing (yes, writing rather than blogging alone)
16. Reconnected with my books (I am loving the was like before)
17. Learnt more on tolerances and making time for loved ones
18. Taken business class flight (probably no biggie to some, but how it happened was an amazing story which I will tell in my blog soon)
19. Enjoyed luxury on my travel, dining, etc (an upgrade?)
20. Made changes in my direction of career
21. Gone on an All Girls' trip - yeah it's a first!
22. Opened up more to close friends (not an easy feat for me either)

2013...I have NOT
1. Followed my heart in some of things I should have pursued (I should learn to listen to myself sometimes to avoid those little mistakes)
2. Fully Let Go of everything holding me back (as I've said, I am working on it...I will really try my best)
3. Updated my blogs enough
4. Read or write as much as before (and this saddens me)
5. Improved on my packing or shopping skills (I wonder whether I need to? LOL)
6. Bungee jump or go camping in the wilderness (Not really me, so I can pass)
7. Travel the world (I will get to there someday)
8. Spend enough time with my loved ones (yes, this is something I must work on more)
9. Backed down on my stand and my beliefs (can't decide if this is a good or bad thing yet)
10. Lost my own Identity (yes, I always remind myself)

I have laughed, cried, fell, got up and hurt badly in the course of a year, but it was all part and parcel of life.
Old wounds have resurfaced, but I am not letting them take me down. I just need to deal with them.
It is not easy, but life is a journey in itself and I am still learning to take in things one day at a time.

The world is full of opportunities, and all we need to have is FAITH.
I have so much to say that I can't finish them all in one post, but here's to a rather roller coaster ride of a year in has been GOOD, but looking forward to MORE in 2014~

Goodbye 2013, I have learnt from you....and thank you
Hello 2014....Welcome and looking forward to unwrapping you part by part~ :-)


  1. this was a good read. very deep. curious though, what threats were you receiving & why? S: seems quite odd that people would be so malicious..

    happy new year! ..10 days late but still. hehe

  2. Happy new year to you..
    Hope that this horse year will bring you good luck