Friday, February 14, 2014

My Project 365

So I have made a resolution at the beginning of the year 2014 that I will be working on multiple things that I am currently focusing on; and will be revealed in time, and one of these key projects is my #Project365.
The name of the project sounds simple and self-explanatory enough, and it was something which came to my mind all of a sudden; and it even became clearer when I caught glimpse of a quotation made by a Buddhist monk. It got me thinking for a while, and I was determined that I wanted to try it out. It sounds like a simple thing, but it requires a true passion and of course sincerity from the bottom of the heart to make it work.
Simple yet complicated?
I must have got you wondering what on earth I was talking about...

Well, the quote was quite simple on which the concept of my personal project was borne.
It goes this way that, 'if we were to do one good deed a day, we could have helped 365 souls in a year'. Sounds good and really noble, right? It was definitely a positive way to kick start the brand new year, and it made perfect sense to do something for a change in this ever evolving world.
So, with that in mind, I took up the challenge and created my #Project365 for my personal trial.
Although I have not been posting on this blog (I will try to do so soon) on a daily basis, that did not mean I did not pay much thought to my project, and that those were just the generic resolutions like many others which would probably end up in the closet.
Nope, I remembered and thought of, or prayed for that one thing I could do each day to help or do something good, or for someone out there.
The concept is to do something good, be it for others or loved ones, or even for ourselves.
It could even be something as simple as just a prayer, yes, it was that simple, but, again, the key is the purity of the thought that goes into the action. That was the beautiful part of this project.

Today is already Day 45 of the year 2014; and I dare not say that I have done much to change the world (that is not the point, though it would be a small part to the ultimate goal), but I have found peace within myself and felt a little refreshed.
The things that I have done, may not be a lot, but they have helped to shape my project, which I reckon would be tuned along the way. After all, this is the first attempt, and being human, we can't guarantee 100% success rate due to the emotions which cloud us each day and also the unforeseen/unpredictable circumstances which take place every day.
However, I have done the following; though not in any particular order:-
1. Smiled at a stranger (the person probably thought I was out of my mind, but it did make a difference as he looked rather sullen and when I smiled, he couldn't help but form a slight smile as though to reciprocate mine. That, to me, was a success, and I felt good) - Multiple times

2. Gave way to a family who was trying to cross the road amidst the crazy traffic in town where cars were dashing all over the places. They waved back, and I felt happy to be a courteous driver =)
Gave way to drivers and pedestrians and thanked people for giving way as well.
It was all part of the journey to create more courtesy in Malaysia - Multiple times

3. Held the door open for a couple pushing a pram and balancing their shopping bags on a few occasions; in a shopping mall and also in a condominium lobby - Multiple times

4. Gave up my seat to an elderly couple while on a swaying bus going down a winding road on one of my trips to the outskirt. The elderly couple thanked me all the way, and even said they do not deserved it. This was probably the best thing I have done for it made me really happy and touched that such a small thing could have created such a big effect on others. - x3

5. Spent some time listening to the grouches and rants of the elderly sales women on duty at the shopping malls, and comforted them. They were oppressed due to their age and also suffered disrespect from the customers due to their jobs and they just needed to air their frustrations. I even offered them advices to just ignore those who disrespect them and not curse others. It was an interesting experience and I have learnt a lot; one of which is the way they think and their expectations - x3

6. Prayed for the people who have hurt me and my family; and prayed for their forgiveness. Learning to let go and also healing myself and the wounds of my loved ones. It is a long journey, but I will continue trying as I have let go of the burden. God will guide them the way, for they know not what they are doing at the moment. - every day

7. Offered things which I would not in the past; as part of my reconciliation process. I am a possessive person at times, but I have learnt the joys of sharing and opening up to the people around me to know and be known better by others. It was a rewarding journey, particularly during the festive season as I could reach to others' souls and make a difference.

8. Helped people with chores others would not do, but was reciprocated with much kindness. This was definitely a highlight as well.

As you can see, I do not detail much of the things I have done for I am still very much a personal and rather private person; and also because there are things which involved the privacy of others which I need to respect. Perhaps I will be more open in time to come, and hopefully I can start to update this blog on a daily basis on the progress of my project 365!

Update for today; Day 45?
I have reconnected with friends whom I have neglected in the past, and even sent a few smiles and warm wishes down their way, making everyone delighted.
It sent a warm feeling to my heart, and stirred inside me the inexplicable feeling of gratitude and joy.

As today is also the double celebration of the Chinese Valentine's Day and the Valentine's Day which coincides on such a rare basis, oh, there's also the Chap Goh Meh, the last day of the 15-day celebration of the Lunar New Year, what is better than spreading more love around?
Love and be loved!~


  1. How was you Valentine Day and Chap Goh Meh . ?

  2. Hey Small Kucing, it was normal, lol, spent with the family at home...and I traveled home to visit my parents too. It's the quality time that's most important, don't you think? ;-)