Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Life...

I hate it when I neglect my blogs, or when I lose the inspiration/motivation to blog, which shouldn't really happen because writing is like, part of who I really am.

My voice is in my writing and my blogs are just the channels to express or to publish them.
It is in this world that I get to be my own publisher (which is awesome, really!)

Alright, what's a life/personal journal for when it is never updated, right?
(So unfair, all the other blogs get updated, and not this one!)

I have been thinking of what to write here, which, again, I shouldn't have to, because life is well, LIFE!
Maybe I was trying to wait for something impressive to happen, but well, maybe I do have a boring life (time to look into that).

The truth is, I have been battling lots of mind boggling issues lately, and they seem to have invaded my mind and probably my lungs soon.
I have had a lot of stuffs to think about, and to worry about (guess what, the worry bug is still there) and most importantly, to sort out.

So, what's new?
With one more quarter to go for my BIG day (yeah, read wedding - like duh, what else is BIG in a girl's life?), there are lots of miscellaneous stuffs to take care of and sometimes I do hate that meticulous part of me.
I am drowning myself in my own freak outs and disapprovals of what I am doing!~

I am not blaming it on the time factor, because it always comes back to proper time management.
I am taking one step at a time, and tell myself to focus, prioritize and do that divide and conquer thingy which seemed to have calmed my nerves down.

To calm myself and to regain my senses, I read, yeah, I love reading...I have finished a few books since I last took a break and oh, of course, watching tv series from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, and ooooh, my favorite American series.

Go to church regularly, keeping in touch with own family, and doing a lousy job keeping in touch with friends (as usual), so nothing's new!
Things that are keeping me occupied for the moment:
1. Wedding plans
2. Wedding plans

Yeah, I know, I need to get my life...:p

On my checklist, I would need to do some shopping for the Big Day..can't say I am dreading that, but the financials...oh, that will kick in later, right?

Praise the Lord for His presence with me, to calm my nerves!

I don't sound that I? Goshhhhh

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