Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Night...

I have always loved Fridays, I really do, especially when it comes to the night.
I guess it has something to do with the fact that it is approaching the weekend, and Fridays is always marked as the start to a weekend; not long, but at least a day or two when there is no school or work.

I loved it when it rains on Friday nights too, and judging from the weather today (fairly sunny for the whole day), I doubt there will be rain tonight, although I am keeping my fingers crossed :)
(Not too heavy to cause misery to those who stay in flood-prone areas, but enough to cool down the temperature and to make me sleep :)

Right now, I am sitting and watching an old drama series, and soon, I will be curling up on the bed to read the book which had me hooked recently.
I was just thinking, what do people like to do on a Friday night? (besides partying the night away)

Friday night is always party night, but for non-clubbers (or some say boring people) like me, what do we usually do?
I came up with a short list, on things that I usually/like/want to do on a typical Friday night...
1. Curl up with a good book in hand - to finish reading the book
2. Watch a good drama/movie and have a good laugh. Romance is good too :)
3. can be my blogs, or poetry or even short stories and novel!~ (I love writing as much as reading)
4. Catching up with good (really good) friends at home or in a quiet place, maybe like Coffee Bean or Starbucks? (I like Winter Warmers too!)
5. This is one of the best; browse through the wardrobe and then decide on what to wear for the weekend! It's mix and match time ;)
Out with the routine wear and casual/trendy with accessories for a laid back two days!
6. If I am going on a trip, well, it's packing time and choosing what to pack in the overnight bag...that'd take some time

That is a list, pretty much something I enjoy doing half the time anyway....

Happy Friday night, or the usual TGIF :)
Have a wonderful weekend ahead!~ I know I will~ =)
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