Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Merry and Many is for the month of May

Time is absolutely whizzing past me, and I can't believe that it is already the month of May!
Feels like it is still January or the start of the new year, phew!

What have I done in the past few months? Feels like I have done a lot of things but yet at the same time, I can't think of anything that is so exceptional although I have been so busy.
Well, travel probably took up most of my time and obviously, wedding planning.
(for my own wedding, of course!)

The arrival of May made me realize that my wedding day is not that far away anymore, and although I am excited, I am also looking at lots of things yet to be done.
Yeah, this is me, everyone tells me I worry too much anyway.
I am trying to take a little break, let myself break away from the wedding planning once in a while, and do a little of other things to create a little more balance in my life. I don't dislike the planning, instead I really enjoyed it! (Honestly!)
I am just feeling tired staring at the pc and of late, my eyes are really suffering from it all; red and tired eyes are catching up on me.
Even my hands are coming up with the occasional ergonomic pain/aches which I used to experience when I am facing a 'computer/technology overdose'.

So, besides all these, what does the month of May hold for me?
The reason I mentioned merry is the many people that I have met and the celebrations that I have been to; such as Mother's Day, mother's birthday, hanging out with some kids, and Vesak Day celebrations.
Yes, though I am a Catholic, but I did not hesitate to join in the celebrations; mainly to observe the rituals and religious views and also to experience for myself the nature of the religious celebration.
I enjoyed taking the photographs (they are in the compilation and editing process and will be posted up on my Starry Starry Night blog soon:)

Then there's the Many part of May, which pretty much refers to the many things still on my list waiting for me to do. I am not procrastinating, as I have been really hardworking each day (or else, how could I end up with tired eyes and hands?), but there just seems to be such an enormous amount of stuffs for me to do.
I guess, that's the crazy part of me which always liked to be a little busy (or very busy) now and then:)

It is already the middle of the month and in a blink of an eye, we will be approaching the end of the month very very soon.

What have you been busy with so far, since May started?:)


  1. It's amazing how quickly the month has gone by and before we know it almost half the year. The celebrations this month have been lovely, Mother's day and both of my parents have also had birthdays this month too:)I hope that you get a chance to relax it sounds like you are very busy. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thanks Catherine, you have a great one too :D