Monday, December 12, 2011

I wonder why...?

I thought of how people will never go to a certain extent of meanness

I think that people will understand and accept me for who I am

Relatives choose to make your lives miserable

Some people have such great relatives

People want to compare to others, like, ALL the time

Invitations are not treated with honor and privileges but rather with a burden

Friendship is judged based on what you can do and the $$$ you offer

People ask what you can offer/give when they did not ask themselves what they can offer first

Some regard themselves as always ABOVE you

Friends who are supposed to understand you question you

Just some $$$ can tell the differences between the TRUE friends and those who are supposed to be true friends

Some just envy others for what they DON'T have but not look at what they have themselves

Some can just get angry and behave childishly in front of others

Some do not respect others

Relatives make you feel worst when you are supposed to be happy

I just wonder WHY there are so many weird and crappy people around, but I think I already know the that we can see the wonderful and LOVELY people who exists among them! :-)

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