Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have no idea what I ate....

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Three days ago, I had sharp pains in my stomach after food and then it became more and more uncomfortable. I felt nauseous too, and though I did suspect it was food poisoning, I brushed it off as I don't think I took anything weird or out of home.
(I've been having homecooked meals most of the time and if I ate out, they are the usual joints I go to and I rarely have issues with them)

Given my history of stomach discomforts (yeah, my stomach can be such a prude and acts up most of the time), I thought that it was just another normal bout of sensitivity faced or just gastritis, and I took my usual antidote; the alkaline-based liquid to help soothe the stomach.
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15ml of the mint-flavored and sometimes, super hard to swallow when your tongue feels bland, but it did provide momentary relief.

That was after the bouts of purging/diarrhoea started and I knew that it's time to go for medical consultation (I am usually good to see doctor when I am not well, but somehow I lost my confidence in the doctors around here after a while:p )

I was told to stay away from my white liquid above for a while as I am diagnosed with mild food poisoning and I am prescribed the following medicine for at least 3 days to clear the toxins in the body and to stop the purging (though I don't know how can the toxin be cleared without any discharge, but I guess it works atomically inside the body)
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It's already the 2nd day of my medication, and honestly, I was already feeling better.
The thing is, I still don't know what I ate to cause this!
(I shall eat in even smaller bites/portions to help with better digestion, as the doctor advised people, don't force me to eat too much :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's all about the Money, Money, Money...

If you have heard the recent "Price Tag" by Jessie J, you will find this particular line appearing in the lyrics. (alrighty, I admit that I did modify the line just one tiny whiny bit, to make it fit reality).

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It's all about money, and there is always a price tag on everything; your life, your clothes, your relationships, your career, your dreams, your vacation...well, it or not, that's what life's all about.

I hate to think of it this way, and some may even think that I am just being plain unrealistic about life that it does not always revolve around money alone, and that sometimes we can truly find happiness in something else, but it could be denial in a way when the materialistic just shouts back at us with the harsh realities of survival.
It is really not easy to just think of a life without money, or with barely enough to survive.

Sure, we have all heard of those stories of baring it all, and go forth with our dreams and embark on our self-created adventure to truly enjoy the best of what life has to offer. It sounds great and I know it can be a reality too, but it's not truly an easy feat for everyone in the world, as the world is not revolving only around us and there are still our loved ones and many more to consider.

I know it may sound a little bitter, and I am not trying to pour cold water onto your dreams, not just yet, but there are a lot of things to consider before you take that plunge.

Being born an Asian taught me a lot about traditional values, and sometimes, give us that hard kick into the reality of the living world, or in other words, materialism.
I am sure most of you have been told the same thing since you were young, that we ought to study hard so that we don't end up as garbage collectors, janitors or even the MPPJ workers sweeping the road, etc. We were also being brainwashed to worship professions like doctors, lawyers, engineers and such (the white collars) that they are much better than the rest of the world.
We should grow up with a good degree, preferably with those approved degrees required to end up in the above professions and then land ourselves jobs in all of the above, or in big corporate companies.
It is then that the parents are happy with a large approval and proud of you, that you have paid off their hard work/efforts raising you all these years.
They would then go and brag to their siblings and whoever distant relatives during those major family gatherings about your successes and achievements.

On the contrary, if you did not meet any of the expected guidelines above, you will then be treated with scorn and nasty looks, and even labelled as useless or unfilial scumbags who are just being plain ungrateful and bring shame to the family.
It may sound horrifying to those liberal-minded, but that's how it's like with majority of the Asian households. In fact, even the relatives and friends play a role in creating this social stereotype.

To some, they will say it is for the glory or for a better future of their children, but honestly, can it run away from the big notion of M-O-N-E-Y?

I think you and I both know the answer, it is ALL about the money.
Face it, we do need money to survive, be it for food, for the shelter called home, and even for our basic necessities; bills, allowances for the children/parents, loan repayment, etc. In short, everyone had a reason to need money, and the basis for all these ends with one word: Survival.

Couples quarrel because of money, families break up because of money, vendors and clients fight because of, money, money, everything is about it!
It seemed to be true that money is indeed the root to all evil, but is that all to it?

There was a point in life where I wondered, what happens if money does not exist in this world, will that make everyone happy?
The answer is, I don't think so either.
If money is no longer the magnet, then there would be no one working and overall, nobody would even bother about anything at all.

Everyone of us and also everything around us has a price tag on it; we are all measured by what we are wearing, how much we are earning, where we are living, what kind of car we are driving...and the list just goes on and on.
Heaven forbid if you were to mention that you are not working, or being a freelancer, you will just be greeted with frowns and looks of disapproval that makes you just wanna disappear under the ground.
Why, is the world so darn materialistic?

Are we not given the chance to be what we want sometimes, or do what we like to do, without worrying about the price tags on ourselves or towards others?
We cannot live our life the way we want, or choose the job we want, without being stereotyped or regarded as not being sensible.

I know of friends or even close family members who were pushed into doing something they dislike just because their parents or even the society liked it that way, and unable to handle the pressure, they just chose to avoid facing their own interests and succumbed to the worldly wishes.
It is great to have parents, family members and loved ones who are there to support you at all times, and I do admit that I am lucky enough to have that, although there are times, when I walk out of the house, and I feel that everyone is being judged all over again.

Today, our standards of living is no longer the same nor as affordable as they used to be previously; during our ancestor's days. Those days were the times when you could get a plate of noodles for only a few cents, and buying a house probably cost a hundred or a thousand (worst case), and they could afford to raise three to ten children (some could scrape through).
Fast forward to the present, and you found that your current salary is merely ridiculous to pay off the bills (even if you don't own a house and a car), support the family (i.e: elderly parents, or in-laws, children, dogs), food, transportation and medical, and that is if you have enough by the end of the month!
Even if you are not married, the salary is barely enough for one person to get by the day. There are some whom I know who do not need to support their families, and that they get the salary to their own, but how many of us could have that, especially those who are brought up in the conventional Chinese families (read the expectations above).

I am tired sometimes, of how money is ruling the world and how it determined our mood (happy or unhappy, which half of the time, causes people to be unhappy).
I want to be able to do something I WANT to do, without having my personal price tag being flipped over to be viewed or judged by the watchful eyes.
I am tired...really....and I wished that sometimes, we are all free of these monetary issues (I am not saying I have financial issues).

If I have a choice, I would choose not to let money rule my world, but can I, really???

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Merry and Many is for the month of May

Time is absolutely whizzing past me, and I can't believe that it is already the month of May!
Feels like it is still January or the start of the new year, phew!

What have I done in the past few months? Feels like I have done a lot of things but yet at the same time, I can't think of anything that is so exceptional although I have been so busy.
Well, travel probably took up most of my time and obviously, wedding planning.
(for my own wedding, of course!)

The arrival of May made me realize that my wedding day is not that far away anymore, and although I am excited, I am also looking at lots of things yet to be done.
Yeah, this is me, everyone tells me I worry too much anyway.
I am trying to take a little break, let myself break away from the wedding planning once in a while, and do a little of other things to create a little more balance in my life. I don't dislike the planning, instead I really enjoyed it! (Honestly!)
I am just feeling tired staring at the pc and of late, my eyes are really suffering from it all; red and tired eyes are catching up on me.
Even my hands are coming up with the occasional ergonomic pain/aches which I used to experience when I am facing a 'computer/technology overdose'.

So, besides all these, what does the month of May hold for me?
The reason I mentioned merry is the many people that I have met and the celebrations that I have been to; such as Mother's Day, mother's birthday, hanging out with some kids, and Vesak Day celebrations.
Yes, though I am a Catholic, but I did not hesitate to join in the celebrations; mainly to observe the rituals and religious views and also to experience for myself the nature of the religious celebration.
I enjoyed taking the photographs (they are in the compilation and editing process and will be posted up on my Starry Starry Night blog soon:)

Then there's the Many part of May, which pretty much refers to the many things still on my list waiting for me to do. I am not procrastinating, as I have been really hardworking each day (or else, how could I end up with tired eyes and hands?), but there just seems to be such an enormous amount of stuffs for me to do.
I guess, that's the crazy part of me which always liked to be a little busy (or very busy) now and then:)

It is already the middle of the month and in a blink of an eye, we will be approaching the end of the month very very soon.

What have you been busy with so far, since May started?:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Song for my Mama (Mie)

Mummy, or "Mie" as I fondly refer to my mother is truly the queen of my heart and there are so many words I could use to express my love and gratitude for the many years she had existed in my life.
It is a sentiment shared by many, I am sure, as we all pride in our mothers in being the best in the world.

Every mother is, that is for sure, for God had designed them in such a way to give us our first breath and to give us our vitality for survival.

Mothers are such heavenly creatures sent from God, for without them, we would not exist today, and it was this bit of their importance which led to the birth of Mother's Day; a particular day to honor and commemorate their wonderful works and sacrifices.
However, it is not just that one single day that we remember our mother in the calendar of 365 days in a year. No, far from that, as we, as children, should love and honor them for each day; or every second of our breath.

I am inspired to share stories about my own mother; that one woman in my life who raised me and gave me my first breath as she brought me to this world.
Mie, as I fondly call her, is not a typical mother, in my eyes as I found her to be a miracle and a true blessing sent to me from God above.

The pillar of my strength, she had been there for me every moment I breathed or opened my eyes. I know she was the first to have touched my tiny little hands, and she was the first to hush me when I burst into my first cry.
I was helpless when I looked up, but the first gaze upon my face gave me strength to survive.
She was there when I took my first step, and held me to make sure I did not fall.
Food and drinks were sufficiently prepared to ensure that I never do starve or hunger under any circumstance. In fact, I was to have the best of the food she served, and no less, and she did not mind the leftovers or whatever I did not want on my plate.

Mie could be really stern when I was a child, and surrounded me with "Don't do this, don't do that, that's really improper, etc" and there were times when I could not comprehend the reasons she took such a harsh hand with me. I was never one to break any rule, and I did well in school, but yet Mie never let me or my brother go astray. It was under her iron fist that we grew up and she made sure we learnt about the good and the bad.

Mie taught us to save our first penny, and told us never to waste money or spend unnecessarily as Daddy had to work hard to earn the money and it should be put to good use. She shared stories on people who did not manage their finances well and how this could ruin a good family. We were taught about the downsides of bad vices such as gambling, smoking, drugs, to make us aware never to follow in these bad tracks.

Mie taught me to read and write, and it was SHE who made me who I am today.
She practised fairness when it comes to punishments and rewards to her children, and made sure we understand the importance of it.
I may not truly understand her intentions when I was younger, but today, I know her hard work and what she truly wanted for us; the BEST of everything.

Mie, there are just so many things that I could tell you, but I know you definitely understand what I wanted to say even without me saying it out aloud.
You used to tell me that you bore us in your womb for nine months, and that if there is anyone who would know us better than ourselves, it would definitely be you.

This is my little song for my Mama; Mie, the most important woman in my life:

Mie, you were
My first breath, my first steps,
You were there and were all that I have
My first touch, my first cry
my first laugh, were in the presence of thy

You taught me my first word
and how to make myself heard
You taught me right from wrong
and told me to always be strong
in times of trouble and misery
to remember that it is not just me but there is a we
and behind that we, is a woman whom I know as Mie

You scolded me when I did wrong
and praised me when I did well
You told me that the journey of life is long
and that there are times when things could be hell
but there are always ways to overcome them
and there is always a helping hand.

To believe is to have faith
and sometimes to succeed we need to wait
It does not matter whether it is long or short
it is a matter that lies in our thoughts

You showed me the greatest love
more than diamonds and jewels worth
A love that could not be found elsewhere
because it is so pure and rare
a love that is shared
by all the mothers out there.

There are just so many things I want to say
But I know you would understand them anyway
And in this beautiful month of May
I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!~

I have grown up today, but words from my mother's mouth still stayed with me
I am proud that I have listened to her all these years
She made me who I am today, and I know she is proud of me, just as how I am proud of her.

For all the reasons that I love her and for many more, this is, for you, Mie

You brought me to the world
after nine months in your womb
and after many kicks and hurls

You have suffered
from the hours of labor
but your will was tougher
than what i could decipher
for what could be worth the pain
and all those bloodstains
but you chose to withstand
to see the little me lying in your hand
which, to you, is the most satisfying end.

You heard my first cry
and saw me grasp in the air
You smiled at my eyes
and gently touched my hair
My fingers were so tiny
and so were my feet
but you took time slowly
from my first row of teeth
to me standing on my own beat!

It probably took years
and also lots of tears
but you just stood there
even when I was your worst nightmare
showing me that you care
with a love that is just so rare

I may have hurt you before
even if it was uncalled for
but I am truly sorry
for the times I have caused you to worry
Forgive me for the tears and pain
for I know I was no saint
but believe in me that I would
do anything to repay your motherhood.

I am now grown up
and it to you that I owe this honor
You have raised me up, with your own hands
I could not have say more than enough thanks
But you were the true pillar of my strength
and you were always within an arm's length
whenever I needed someone to lean on
you were always there since the day I was born
No one could replace you in my heart,
because, Mie, you are truly the queen of my heart!~

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Night...

I have always loved Fridays, I really do, especially when it comes to the night.
I guess it has something to do with the fact that it is approaching the weekend, and Fridays is always marked as the start to a weekend; not long, but at least a day or two when there is no school or work.

I loved it when it rains on Friday nights too, and judging from the weather today (fairly sunny for the whole day), I doubt there will be rain tonight, although I am keeping my fingers crossed :)
(Not too heavy to cause misery to those who stay in flood-prone areas, but enough to cool down the temperature and to make me sleep :)

Right now, I am sitting and watching an old drama series, and soon, I will be curling up on the bed to read the book which had me hooked recently.
I was just thinking, what do people like to do on a Friday night? (besides partying the night away)

Friday night is always party night, but for non-clubbers (or some say boring people) like me, what do we usually do?
I came up with a short list, on things that I usually/like/want to do on a typical Friday night...
1. Curl up with a good book in hand - to finish reading the book
2. Watch a good drama/movie and have a good laugh. Romance is good too :)
3. can be my blogs, or poetry or even short stories and novel!~ (I love writing as much as reading)
4. Catching up with good (really good) friends at home or in a quiet place, maybe like Coffee Bean or Starbucks? (I like Winter Warmers too!)
5. This is one of the best; browse through the wardrobe and then decide on what to wear for the weekend! It's mix and match time ;)
Out with the routine wear and casual/trendy with accessories for a laid back two days!
6. If I am going on a trip, well, it's packing time and choosing what to pack in the overnight bag...that'd take some time

That is a list, pretty much something I enjoy doing half the time anyway....

Happy Friday night, or the usual TGIF :)
Have a wonderful weekend ahead!~ I know I will~ =)
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

♥ A Fairytale wedding ♥

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The most anticipated wedding of the century took place in the year 2011; the same year I am also about to tie the knot myself.

The union of the charming Prince William and the beautiful Kate Middleton is one that took the entire world by storm as everyone sits in front of the tv or throng through book stores and stalls to grab a copy of the newspaper covering on the wedding which took place on last Friday, 29th April 2011.

Thanks to the technology-based era we are in today, more than one television stations broadcasted the wedding live from the United Kingdom itself.
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I tuned in to CNN initially but in the end, I chose BBC as the coverage was rather extensive and focused more on the royal wedding procession compared to the conversation by the hosts.

At 6pm local time, there were finally glimpses of the bride as she made her way towards the Westminster Abbey for the church ceremony/exchanging of vows.
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Watching Catherine Middleton or the future Duchess of Cambridge make her way towards the Abbey was indeed magical.
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Her wedding gown was simple yet elegant, and honestly, I was even surprised by the modest length of her train after Princess Diana's dramatic cathedral train during her wedding in 1981.
(Everyone is comparing the royal wedding to that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's, probably because of the popularity of both pair and also the prospect of both becoming the next to the royal throne).

Her father held her hand to walk her down the aisle; as most fathers would do in church weddings.
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I am sure he must have been a very proud father like most fathers, especially when your daughter is marrying one of the most eligble bachelors in the world, nonetheless a prince who is the next heir to the throne.
He must have been a very proud father indeed.

What a beautiful couple this pair make!
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I have always loved the exchanging of vows and it is just so touching to see a couple in love taking their pledge to love each other forever; royal or not :)
It is just such a romantic and memorable moment!~

The first royal procession for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
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This is indeed a true fairytale wedding to life; and is about every girl's dream to have a grand wedding exit like this and this is happening so naturally for the royal Duchess herself.
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It is inevitable that this pair of newlyweds is compared to their predecessors; Prince Charles and Princess Diana whose wedding was highlighted for decades for the memorable wedding dress and also the striking beauty in the bride herself.
Three decades later, her eldest son's wedding was as widely publicized.
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Is it fair to compare the brides? Some are saying that Duchess Catherine is prettier than Princess Diana but I think it is not fair to do so.
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They are both equally as beautiful in their own ways and it would not be right to compare them.
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Every bride is beautiful and so is every woman born to be. These two are stunning beauties and ever as gorgeous as brides.

While every bride is busy planning her own fairytale wedding, it is so touching and beautiful that there is real life fairytale wedding with a real prince and princess and a palace in the background with the throne on their backs.
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Yeah, the royal wedding is awesome and extravagant and every girl would definitely envy the royal Duchess.
I am not going to have horse carriages nor palaces nor royal reception, but I know it is going to be a beautiful wedding as well.
God will work His Ways for each of us; and every one of us is destined for special things in life. Even if we are not going to be duchesses or princesses or queens or celebrity does not mean we are not going to be happy in life.
We need to find our own happiness, and trust me, there is always a door for everyone.
Have faith in the Lord.

I wish the lovely couple an everlasting marriage filled with love and bliss.
May God bless them both!~
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