Friday, January 20, 2012

My Birthday 2012

I have posted so much about my birthday in my food blog, and now it's time to post in this personal space of mine.

I have had one of the most memorable birthdays this year, and I am really thankful to God for all the celebrations I have had. To be honest, I have a secret to share; I do so enjoy all those surprise and merry celebrations on my birthday. I love it when people around me remember my birthday and shower me with well wishes; even if it is just a simple "Happy Birthday".
Two words, and you have no idea how much it has touched me.
Call me self-obsessed, but to me, to have a friend or even someone remembering my birthday and making that effort to just write these two words on my Facebook wall, makes me feel loved and remembered, and I really like the feeling. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, you get what I mean.

Admit it, everyone of us has that narcissism in us; it is just the extent how some people would go to blow it. A little bit is good to boost the self-esteem sometimes, and too much of it, is just well, calling for attention.

I am not one who must have everyone celebrating with her, and as I have mentioned, I do feel happy when people remember or just wished me. If you have forgotten, I won't really put you on my blacklist of people who forgot my birthday. No worries about that :)

Of course, it's always nice when my loved ones spring surprises and plan my birthday celebration and obviously, celebrate with me. It does not matter whether it is an expensive meal or just a small little muffin, it just makes my whole world beautiful.

I am a big fan of my birthday; I mean, who isn't? It is the day that we get to enjoy and have fun, and just enjoy all that special privileges and attention :)
Now I make myself sound like I am all for that kind of attention!:p

This year was memorable to me, as I have not one or two, but almost five birthday celebrations! Seriously!
It brought me back those school days memories, when I have parents and friends fawning over me with gifts and birthday cakes and wishes, and I just felt so special.
It has been a while, and I have been staying away from home, and making new friends at my new place. That being said, it does not mean that my birthdays for the past few years were lousy; nah, far from that, every year is just as special.

This year, I had a few pre-celebration and even one post celebration! I even had a unique birthday muffin in honor of my birthday, and it was home made; specially for me!
Now, that's all about the special privilege I talked about.

Besides being married, I have had the chance to celebrate with my 'true friends'; as I have finally learnt a lesson or two about friendship and to be selective and starting my birthday year with these bunch of great friends just makes it all the more special.
My hubby gave me a lovely surprise as well, as like all the years, and I am truly thankful for his presence and love :)
I had a whole group of people singing "Happy Birthday" in a five-star restaurant on the actual day itself and we were like, the only customers in the restaurant. It's like we booked the whole restaurant for ourselves, even though it was purely coincidence!

Then I get to celebrate my birthday with my best girl friend, or rather, sister, who shared my birthday and year, for the very first time; yes, physically!:)

I get a great birthday bash with my own family; my brother, and my parents and my brother's gf even baked me a pair of muffins in my honor!:)

Just when I was sad to see my birthday ending, that very same week; 3 days later, my bunch of girl friends threw me a tea/dinner party and a birthday cake!:)

I just love everything so much, that I am almost moved to tears!
It was an awesome start of the year for me, and although I am a year older (and wiser), I am still looking forward to having the sugar of a year, after a year of ups and downs the rocks (besides my wedding). I could probably talk about that in my later post:)

The many different faces of me on my birthday this year!

My birthday cakes for the year 2012! I am spoilt rotten by my loved ones and friends, and I thank the Lord for these great people around me! Just when there were people who hurt me so bad, God showed that there are also so many out there who loved and cared about me :)
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Maybe there is too much of self-obsession in this post, and do pardon me for that, but I really did find this genuinely uplifting my spirits after a series of unfortunate events (which I have yet to post about), and I feel so blessed.

I don't know about you, I think I will always look forward to my birthday; no matter how old I am, or whether anyone celebrates with me because I am always celebrating with myself, every single year!

Besides all these attention-centered photos and stories, I am also bearing faith that my birthday will bring me a year full of hope, strength, joy and peace. That's not too much to ask for, right?
I won't share fully on my birthday wish; rumor has it that it may not come true when it is revealed!
An old wives' tale? Maybe, but I am not taking my chances :)

Thank you everyone, who has wished me and I wish you the very best on your birthday as well ;)

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