Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Year 2011

It's almost the mid of January now; and the first fraction of the year 2012 and I have yet to do much posting in this blog.
I am sorry, as things have been really busy lately, and there are just so many things to look into at the same time.

It's not that I have nothing to post about; in fact, on the contrary, I have so much thoughts and emotions to pen down, and they have been accumulating for the past few months. Of course, they are not all negative as I have had a fair share of laughs and smiles as well.
That's what life is all about; the ups and the downs.

As I enter into the new year 2012, I do my usual roundup and reflection of my previous year and what I have enjoyed and learnt from the past year.
2011 was a rather eventful year for me; as there were lots of gains and also losses, in almost all aspects of life.

I have had a rather rewarding yet enriching journey, although I am still on the learning curve.
There were a few changes that took place in my life, and there were lessons learnt.
Well, the changes involved my work, my relationship, my views on life and friendships, and my interests.
The lessons learnt included that of relationships, priorities in life, friendship, etc.

There were lots of growth and losses at the same time; typical of everyone's life.
The following are the things I have seen, encountered and what I have experienced in the year 2011:
1. Work and career: I have made an important decision and change is inevitable
2. I have made and met new and great friends who helped me in my wedding planning, and hopefully will be my friends for life.
3. I have learnt that sometimes not everything are what they seemed on the surface.
4. I have taken a new step into the next phase of life, and have found my soulmate to share and spend the rest of my life with :)
5. I have seen the true and ugly sides of the people whom I thought were part of the family.
6. I have learnt the truth about being a 'family'
7. I have learnt that relationships are built based on trust
8. There are degrees of relationships among extended families which are not necessary, as sometimes the ties are only of blood and of nothing else (definitely not by choice).
9. I have learnt that trust and faith are to be selective, and sometimes even people you thought you can trust, can turn to betray you.
10. I have lost the last ancestor; my maternal grandmother and learnt the truth behind the people who claimed they cared.

As I have mentioned, it has been a rather eventful year and from my notes above, you can sense bitterness amidst the happiness as well, and it is something that I will slowly share in the blog.

Anyway, don't dwell on the unhappiness of the past, learn from them and move on.
Focus on the happiness!

As part of the tradition, I have compiled the highlights of the year into my self-made collage!:)
A Happy New YEAR 2012 everyone, and let's start by making great new year resolutions for a dashing and awesome NEW YEAR!:D

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