Thursday, March 29, 2012

The weirdest dream

I have been meaning to post this yesterday but feeling a little under the weather does not boost one's mind for an immediate guaranteed smooth and coherent flow of writing, and since I am a perfectionist of all sorts though not a procrastinator by nature; I made the decision, against all that willpower to delay writing this post until I feel better.

Well, I am feeling better today; though it was a little weird considering the little sleep that I had last night and it was not even associated with this dream as I barely remembered ever getting any sleep at all.
However, I blamed it on cups of Chinese tea I drank during my dim sum breakfast with hubby before work yesterday which probably sent torrents of caffeine rushing into my brain and activating the cells like a switch; creating my hyperactive thoughts throughout the whole of the night when I am supposed to be sleeping, like the rest of the world.
Anyway, I really did feel better today; no fever, although the nose did seem a little more runny than usual which I attributed it to the recent resurfacing of the old time nemesis named the haze. I am trying to recollect the memories from this extremely weird dream I had the night before last; where I just kept having this bizarre feeling when I was in the dream and even after I woke up.
No joke, I did feel the need to emphasize and up the queer factor of the dream here. It is not exactly of a horror nature; although I am not sure to place my finger on that unbelievable part of a prized possession I saw in the dream.

I barely remember much; to be honest, and I think most dreams are made to be that way as seriously, how many can really remember every single detail of your dream? Maybe once in a while; but every single time recounting to that last color of a detail just creeps me out and if you are a stranger to me, I would call that fibs to your face.

My dream started on a happy note, remembering it vaguely from the sequence; but it came to a part when I felt my finger hurting a little and then I watched my wedding ring totally exposing itself into the air.

 Okay, this is the part where I have to be really descriptive as I watched; with horror and utter amazement when my ring kind of just swiveled in the air and was totally exposing the insides and even the elements of the ring was totally flattened; giving no indication of the prior shape whatsoever.

What astounded me was how easily a ring could be just ripped like it was just made of some really light material of metal; or aluminium possibly! I could not believe my eyes; be it in the state of consciousness or in the dream it is still totally out of the world, which of course can take place in the fantasies of the dreamland. However, I just remembered feeling helpless and wanting to scream or cry as the ring just unraveled itself like it was totally a crap material and soon the whole thing was in a flat form!

 I have had many crazy dreams but never before something like this; okay, maybe all dreams were meant to be unique anyway.
 I know wedding rings represent marriage, and if dreams do tell us something; then I hope that the Chinese belief that reality is the opposite of the dream will come true. (Yeah, I choose to believe either side of the East versus West longtime battle; whichever gives me a more positive outlook)

 I love to decipher dreams and given my immense interest in psychology, one can only wonder why I am not a psychologist by profession (hmm, maybe I should consider that!)

It does not really need any explanation to account for anything, but rather to fulfill that curiosity of mine.l I will share my interpretation soon; once they are all figured out.

If you do know of anything or even had similar dream of such nature, do let me know, maybe we can discuss; though not our private lives, which are usually the main component of the manifestations of such mind games during our sleep.

 Whatever it really says, I am not saying I am going to abide by it, as I always believe in using my own hands and gifts bestowed upon me by my Creator (God) to make things happen and good or bad, it is always what we make of it, don't you think?


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