Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The day I was called by a headhunter

Headhunter is a term that I have heard for a while, and I was often amazed (and) impressed with the stories of people who have been contacted/located by them.
(In case you are not familiar with the term, do not be horrified by the thought that the hunt is for one's physical head as this is just a literal way of saying that one is hunted by their reputation. A rather profound and widely acknowledged term used by recruitment agencies on the hunt for potential candidates for their position listing by their clients).

I have heard of them recruitment agencies and how they work, and the way they earn from their clients and also job seekers when their services are engaged are somewhat similar to that of a real estate property agent. Well, sort of. From what I have heard, they will need to extract at certain % from the company seeking for candidates to assume their vacant positions; if they engage the services of a particular recruitment agency, that is and once the candidate is hired. I am not really sure if the candidate should also contribute as they were sought by the agency, but I do know that they will have to if they registered with the recruitment agency to look up a job and their job was found by the same agency.
Sounds complicated? Maybe, or maybe not, as I did not really pay much attention to this anyway....Before it just chanced upon me.

I remembered my dad telling me that only people of respectable reputation are sought after by the recruitment agencies, or let me just refer to them as headhunters and it makes perfect sense for with their remarkable performance history and track record, they no longer need to seek jobs but rather, jobs come knocking on their doors even when they are attached to another company. Sounds too good to be true, right?
I found myself amazed with a big 'Wow' when I heard of stories of managers or big shots of respectable companies being sought after by their competing companies and being offered a much rewarding, not to mention attractive paycheck and wondered, will the day ever come for myself too?
Maybe it will, sometime in the future, but not at the moment as I thought I was just working my way and learning things the hard way.

I was surprised when I first received an email followed by a phone call from this lady in Singapore who informed me that she was from a recruitment agency and that she was interested in me to match a position in a multinational corporation. Guess what, the first thought that came to my mind was, was this some kind of joke or a fraud?
Well, we talked and it then occurred to me that it was for real. I was being contacted by a headhunter; yes, that word sank in after some time!

It was apparent to me, and not just that, I received another call; no, not another headhunter but a HR manager of another prominent MNC who was interested in discussing with me about an available position in the company. Anyway, the latter did not fit my profile or I did not fit them perhaps; my background did but my experience did not supplement enough to suit me for the job required which left me with the earlier offer.
Initially things seemed to be going quite well, and recently, she offered me another higher-level position which sounded really exciting and discussions are ongoing.

Alright, I am not writing about this to brag about being head-hunted; but rather, sharing my personal thoughts and feelings on the whole experience.
Well, to be honest, I am not quite sure how I felt about the overall elxperience as I was a little overwhelmed by it all that I still felt like it was surreal. I was not quite sure whether I should be delighted, jumping with joy, proud, honored or even just simply give myself a pat on my back for being considered by these companies for important job roles.
Perhaps I should, considering that this is some sort of a little achievement, or an honor, as my dad would say to have captured the attention of the key industry players of my tiny existence in the big world.

Nothing is for sure yet, and I have learnt from experiences that high expectations could sometimes (or maybe  most of the time) lead to major disappointments. It's not that I don't think positively nor am I confident of my own capabilities, but I never do believe in counting the chicken eggs before they are hatched for I always felt that it would somehow just jinx the whole thing. I prefer to leave everything to God, for I know that He had arranged all these for me, and He is always there for me when I am down and needed guidance.
Some may say that I should be proud that I am doing a good job, but honestly, I am not trying to act humble but I do owe it all to God for He determines what I should do and where I ought to go.
Perhaps this is a little test from him, or a little carrot from him; but I thank Him all the way for showing me a little light in times of darkness.

Whatever the results shall be, it is still to me an achievement that I know I should be proud of for I am considered worthy to even be contacted by these companies. I still have a long way to go, and I am not going to be all conceited and think that I am way up there when I am still all the way down here.
It is a great opportunity of course, and one that I am silently rejoicing and telling myself that I need to work harder.

I shall not revel in the expectations but rather find more ways to improve myself to stay competitive at all times, and that means more and more hard work.
Whatever that comes, I will accept it as I leave everything to God.
Come what may...and at the same time, I shall continue to work....and work :-)

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