Thursday, May 3, 2012

What defines a soulmate...

I define a soulmate as someone who knows me through and through; be it my outer and inner self, my physical and mental, and is one who could just know what I think or about to say before I even have to open my mouth. It is definitely someone whom I could trust, and know that I could depend on when I am in need. There is no longer a need for words or any act and the person is just almost another of me, but in thoughts and in unity with my soul.

Sounds complicated?
Not so, but it definitely requires somewhat of such complexity to be called a soulmate; or someone who eerily knows you so well next to yourself.

The journey to find someone of such qualities is definitely not one to be easily predicted and sometimes, there is no need to really embark on a search for that person right beside you could be easily your soulmate. Maybe it is the long time spent with each other, or it is the depth of understanding that can really define a soulmate, or so some may think.
It may be funny that there are those that you have just met for a short while, yet you could just feel it in your bones that he/she is definitely the one you are about to trust or can truly depend on.

There are many who thought they have found their soulmate when they married that person they love or thought they know very well, only to find that he/she was not the person they are looking for nor do they understand them well enough to work together in a crisis. Some even found in another whom they could talk to when they needed someone instead of their own spouse; who should rightfully be the soulmate.
It is really one's own definition really; but of course, spouse, being that one person who is in close affinity to us after our own parents in terms of love, trust and thoughts, is usually the first person who comes to the mind when one speaks of a soulmate. However, what if, your soulmate is someone who is not your spouse? Or what if it is your best friend?
What is the problem with that? There is no clear rule that says that your best friend cannot be your soulmate, nor does it says that your soulmate must be someone you are in love with or married to.

It is an interesting journey of discovery, and some may go through their whole life without truly finding their soulmate while some enjoy that privilege of being surrounded by people whom they could call soulmate and have a hard time to define that one person whom they could really trust.
There are certain points when there are certain individuals, I am sure that we would have encountered in our life that we thought with certainty that is the soulmate only to be disappointed when things don't turn out that way.

Perhaps I have found my soulmate, or perhaps I have not? I am thankful that I am surrounded by many people whom I could call understanding friends and whom I know would not leave my hand dangling there in the air when I needed another hand to pull me up.
I will continue to enjoy this journey called life, although it will not be all pleasant and along the way, encounter my very own journey of self-discovery (which I believe I am on at the very moment and find that soulmate who holds my mind and invisible hand as I walk along the way.

A soulmate will never let you down, nor judge you when you are in need, but instead stand there in the shadows waiting for you to come around.

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