Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The HOT weather

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The weather has been scorching hot lately; especially during the day and then dark clouds just appear out of nowhere in the late afternoon and spreads like a thick blanket across the skies which will then be followed by thunder and a heavy rainfall in the evening.

It's a weird weather, but common towards this time of the year as the monsoon period of the east coast. Well, then you may ask, why are we, on the west coast affected with the weather change as well?

The west coast are hit with occasional showers and sun, and those who are located in the northern part are hit with the annual northern wind change; thus the weather change towards the evening.

Although we feel really hot in the afternoon; where I don't even feel like stepping out, no matter the circumstances.
While we are probably complaining about the hot sun drying our grounds each day, I was wondering do we truly welcome the rain?

Not really, even for a rain lover like me. Think, if it were to rain every day, are you sure you are going to be really happy with the weather as well?

Yeah, we can't go out without getting ourselves wet here and there; especially our shoes!
Secondly, we also worry about our laundry not drying properly and that there's probably going to be an odor on clothes which were not properly dried when we wear them, compared to sun dried clothes which are usually crisp and smell of, oh well, the sun, of course!

I guess no matter how the weather changes, we will still complain, either way, because we are just people who expect things to always, yeah, always go our way.
It is funny, when it rains, we complain. When there's sun, we complain.
I mean, seriously, can we just learn to relax ourselves and just take things in a more positive way, to just live the moment?

Yeah right, and this piece of advice and article came from someone who worries constantly about almost, everything!

Have FUN in the SUN :)

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