Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quote of the Day

I love this quote:

" Never explain yourself.
Your friends don’t need it and
your enemies won’t believe it. "

This quote is just so true; sometimes I feel like I waste my time thinking of what I have done to offend some people, or what I can do to make others happy (at the risk of my own happiness).
However, do people really care?
They may, or they may not.

It is funny how sometimes we go around pleasing everyone around us, except ourselves.
Yes, it's good to be unselfish but the key is, do people really care even when you try your best to make them happy?

I have learnt that sometimes the answer is no; that no matter what I do, I can NEVER EVER please everyone around me.
No matter how good I make things out to be, there is always room for people to find fault with or complain about how I should be doing this and that instead of the one I am doing.

Even when I try to justify, sometimes, I don't feel they want to listen.
There is simply no room for understanding, but I always try to understand when people wrong me.
I am no saint; mind you, I am just as human as anyone can be. I just do not want to judge nor to make things difficult for others.
That is why, even humans make mistakes too.

When I fall down, or do something wrong, I feel that no one understands sometimes; but they are quick to judge without listening or understanding.
Is there always one side of the coin?

Perhaps, I should learn to let go, as the quote above says, if they know me, they know I never meant to hurt anyone.
If they don't know me, then there is no need to justify nor explain.

No one will listen anyway, or believe me.
As for those who know me, well, I don't even need to explain, they already know what I am thinking :-)

Like a wise friend who presented me with another good quote,
"You don't have to care about those who don't care about you, it's a waste of time and energy.
They are NOT worth it.
Focus instead on those who care and love you, they are the ones who deserve your time and attention, because THEY CARE".

Thank you, my dear friends, all of you who have stood by me through good and bad times; who have never once judged nor be offended.
Like I said, I am no saint, and thank you all (friends and family) who never once asked me WHY, WHAT, HOW when I needed my alone time.

Ponder on this will really love it :)

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