Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keeping in Touch...

It is nice to keeping in touch with people who have left footprints in your life, and had shown you kindness when you needed them most.
After my wedding, I have found friends who care so much about me that they will go all the way, and I have even made some new friends who showed me so much kindness.

I have been keeping in touch with most of my new found friends; I initiated meeting up with them to catch up and I enjoyed spending my time with them.

It is really nice to keep in touch with these dear friends, and I was even more pleasantly surprised when some initiated the contact!:)

I have made so many new and wonderful friends, and they don't even feel like new friends despite us just knowing each other for a short while.
Some are even my vendors who helped me with my wedding planning, and now, we are FRIENDS :)
I thank the Lord for blessing me with so many wonderful people around me, and how He showed me love and kindness in their eyes.

Today, I have received a text message from another friend who wanted to keep in touch with me and even asked me to meet up with her!
I can't express in words how much her message means to me; I was just so touched and happy!

Friends come in many forms and types; there are those who are only interested because of your popularity or status, some only want you to be added to their Facebook or social network list, some say hi and bye and may only remember you when they need a favor, but there are also those who will want you for life, who will go all the way out for you, who will not let you down when you need them, who will not complain that you are too far away, who will not compare you to others in what you could have done better, who will never need you to explain, who will understand your true character no matter what the world say about you...and the list goes on.

I have friends in all the above categories, and though the ones who just want me for a favor or do not really care about me hurt me, I am thankful that I too have a larger crowd of friends who will go all the way out for me and will never, ever judge me!

I am making new friends, as granted by the Almighty Lord and I know, these are new friends who will fill my life with more colors and kindness :)

I can't wait to catch up with my friends; old and new!:)

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