Friday, February 28, 2014

A Meme I made

I found an old meme which I have created; in an attempt of being funny. It was a time as they say where inspiration strikes and I just went along with it.
I posted this on my Facebook sometime ago, just for laughs and I guessed I forgot to share this on my own blog *slaps forehead*

It was sometime in May last year when I was driving past a neighborhood and happened to pass by a local Chinese cemetery which had a sign standing.
Let me translate that as it was in our local Malay language, which means "No Entry to Cows, this is a private property"

Now, while it makes sense in English, it just didn't mean entirely that when you read it in the Malay language and somehow it just sounded a little weird in the grammar that I just couldn't help but laugh when I thought of this meme.
It helped that I managed to catch glimpse of the following supporting actors too~

I enjoyed making this meme, and it was my first attempt at this...though I do have lots of quirky ideas and comebacks at times.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did in the making.

All copyrights are reserved :-)

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