Friday, February 28, 2014

Waiting for Inspiration?

Inspiration is a word so commonly and widely associated with the notion of waiting for that idea or that lightbulb to just turn on or come flowing that just turns one on to full force to get working. Typically associated with art and writing, inspiration is often said to be the 'air' or the oxygen which goes through the passageway of the artists, writers, authors, craftsmen, etc into creating their work of art. There is often need for inspiration in this field, where the concept of the works are often abstract-based and requires originality and creativity.

Originating from the Latin word, inspirare, which means "to breathe into", the term inspiration is not just so commonly used but also simultaneously, misused at the same time. Many have said that they are waiting for that inspiration to strike before they can truly get on to producing their work, but exactly when can we expect inspiration to strike? I am not sure if anyone can tell you that in definite, but I would say the reason it is called inspiration is because no one knows, exactly, when it would come. It could be a day, a week, or an hour, or sometimes, maybe even months or years of waiting for that inspiration to just strike and knock us on the door. In the end, it seemed to me, that inspiration starts to end up in the wrong way, where they are often the cause when the work cannot be started or completed on time, due to, you guess it, the lack of inspiration.
I don't know, but somehow to me, it starts to feel like it was an excuse we use to conceal the fact that we are unable to just do something.

This is just my personal opinion, like say, myself, when I write posts or updates for my blogs, sometimes it takes time to complete posts in my drafts to be published. I could be waiting for inspiration perhaps, but most of the time, I was just really caught up with other stuffs in life that I just got carried away with the other priorities. So, is it really a matter of inspiration or am I just using the term as an excuse to get away with not completing my post or updating my blog? Is it a mere feeble attempt at getting away with procrastination, the real thief of my time and effort?
I would think that had I just force myself or just set that time to just sit and think seriously, I might be able to come up with something after all. Perhaps, or perhaps not, for the next thing that comes is that the work may not be up to my personal expectations, because of again, you guess it right, the lack of inspiration at the time that it was produced.
It is really funny, how inspiration is overly and almost constantly nailed as the culprit behind the times when we just didn't feel like doing something.

Inspiration is a breath, perhaps, I can say it in that way, but it is a matter of time when you wait for that breath and do we continue waiting? If everyone waits for that right time, that right idea to come along, I would bet you that there would be no monthly issues of magazines, nor are there advertisements in a very very long time. Worse still, you may only be treated to movies once in that blue moon (which is always a myth anyway). So, is inspiration truly the reason behind good works?
I would say while it does plays a certain part in contributing to the originality and perhaps the intriguing reality that appears in the work, most of the time, it really boils down to the effort when we are working on something.
Inspiration is supposed to 'breathe life into' something, and how can there be inspiration when there is nothing in the first place?

Had we been waiting on inspiration, I must say most of us would not be at work half the time....

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