Thursday, February 20, 2014

Be Happy each day, or at least, 100 Happy Days!~

While I have launched my own personal project which is still on its way, I have also decided to take up the #100happydays challenge which is fast spreading like forest fire on the social media world.
There are just so many things we ought to be thankful for, and since life is short, why focus on the sad things in life.

It is also an extremely meaningful project which helps many to discover happiness, and to find that way to just smile each day.
It is a realistic milestone, with the 100 days set as the limit out of the 365 days but why limit happiness? It is even better to be able to outlive the 100 days and make it to being happy for the whole year. What an interesting ode to happiness this is!

There are many things happening out there in the world, and while we cannot predict what will happen next, the only thing that is within our control is our attitude and mindset towards each of the events unfolding in our lives. If we choose to embrace it with a anguish and sorrow, then it will set the mood in ourselves to be moody and grumpy. On the contrary, taking it in a stride, wiping away the tears and smile and tell ourselves, "It will get better" is definitely a better way to handle the situation and to send that cheerful strait down to our hearts.

I am happy, and I must keep it that way!
Will you?


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