Monday, January 3, 2011


It is 2011 now; we have stepped into a new year once again!!~
It is phenomenal, how we celebrate festivals after festivals, and then we come back to the same point where we started.
We bid goodbyes to the previous year and gather with good old friends to celebrate yet another year of friendship, but did we truly throw away all the old and negative habits as well?

It is funny, how we look at the past years as the PAST, but we just leave it at that, LOOK and DECLARE but we don't change.
For instance, do you still grumble about everything in your life?
Do you still wonder why you are stuck in this same old job?
Do you think of what is going to be your future?

Do you quit smoking?
Do you quit littering the Malaysian streets?
It is funny, how everyone claims to welcome the brand new year but yet does nothing to alter their life at all.

Is that what New Year means to you?
Is it just about the countdown and the crazy and wild parties on the streets?
Is it only about the fireworks and the wonderful decorations on the streets?

Somehow, there are people who just do not understand the true meaning of NEW Year and yet they are just joining in the celebrations.
What are they truly celebrating?

I am not trying to dampen the New Year spirits through this post, but rather, I would like to help to send the message across; that the NEW YEAR is not just merely a celebration that lasts a night (or morning) but it is THE FUTURE to look forward to and how we intend to make a change for the BETTER.

It is no point staying up for the celebrations and yet revert to the old habits after the countdown, to me, that is just clearly a waste of time!

Everyone is excited with the coming of the New Year every year; and there are those who planned months ahead for their parties; buying food and choosing what to wear or planning a romantic getaway with their loved ones.
Everyone has a reason to anticipate what the New Year brings to them, but what does it truly say about us?

I look forward to the New Year, for one thing: CHANGE
I look forward to new things and GOOD things, that will CHANGE my old negative habits.

I want to be a BETTER person, and I want to pick up from the past, on what I need to learn and realize to pave a new path.
I do not want to walk on the same old mistakes and say the same old thing, and yet not doing anything about it.
I do not want to just usher in the New Year when I am still holding onto the past.

It is not easy, yes, but it is all about determination and enthusiasm.

The Past year (2010) has been a year of ups and downs as well; and I have learnt yet to be a stronger person from all that I have gone through and enjoyed.

2010 - the Year it was....
1. Our team won the most outstanding and dynamic growth in the world and we enjoyed a trip to Phuket to celebrate our victory.

2. I was promoted in a year from my performance in the northern region!! (My hard work did pay off)

3. My dear grandaunt passed away, leaving the trail of the last ancestor on my paternal side.

4. My company's organization changed; we had a new CEO, department head and my boss left as well (I had a new boss)

5. I enjoyed a business cum personal trip to Singapore again and did some major shopping there too (it has been a very long time since my last trip there!)

6. I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Perth, Western Australia after a year of no international/personal travel! It was also a very memorable trip as my dear proposed to me on that trip as well!

7. Had my first bad experience with hotels which I thought were supposed to be of 4-5 star ranking!!

8. Learnt the true colors of people whom I thought were good and kind people, and yet, they were just hypocrites.

9. Moved into a new home with my family, and enjoyed spending quality time with them and recalling all the nostalgia at the old house as well.

10. Enjoyed our new car and learnt the legal procedures of house/car processing.

There are definitely more, but the above were the highlights! =)
I have had a great year and also learnt the downsides as well, and I would hope to do MUCH BETTER in the coming year...

For the Year 2011...
1. I want to DO something I am truly passionate about, and concentrate to develop my life career around it

2. I want to plan a wonderful and enjoyable wedding for myself and to cherish my beloved husband to be for the rest of my life!

3. I want to spend more time with my family; especially my parents for all that they have done for me when I was a kid (I am glad I found out, and I am ever thankful for all their sacrifices)

4. I want to make a good decision and to look forward (and not back on it anymore)!

5. I want to see all my good and best friends around me, and thank them for all their great friendship for all this time!

6. I MUST read more books, to add up my collection of books I have read..LOL!

7. I want to give my parents and family a better life, and to earn a better living for their comfort and luxury.

8. I want to have a better financial planning/management and to ensure that I spend wisely with every single cent.

9. I want to make more friends and to treat everyone like they are my family as well!

10. I want to travel to more places and share about my life in all my blogs/travelogue!

I will add accordingly as time goes, and by default, PRAISE the GOOD LORD for all the little things and blessings that I cannot see that he had done for me in my life.
THANK YOU LORD, I will never forget to thank you every single day.

A HAPPY and BLESSED NEW YEAR 2011 to each and every one of you out there!~

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