Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Will you lend a Helping Hand?

I went to work as usual yesterday, but the office shutters were still down.
I stopped in shock, I was wondering, is it again a public holiday or was it a replacement that I am not aware of (since I was so blur on Monday morning whereby I went to the office thinking that we did not have a replacement holiday for New Year's Day when indeed, we do have)

Then my ex-colleague who is now residing next door (used to belong to the same company until they were sold off, that's why they are ex-colleagues) told me that our admin lady, M, was downstairs in the clinic as she was not feeling too well.

That is one advantage of being in the branch office, the relationship with each and everyone working there is relatively closer compared to the huge team in the headquarters.

The disadvantage?
Well, that means I have to open the doors myself and that also directly translates to having to pull up the heavy metal shutter all by myself!

I admit, I am spoilt and seriously, I am not used to doing this on a daily basis as well and I was kind of dreading it when I had to do it, furthermore, ALONE!

I put down all my bags and proceeded to unlock the lock fastened to the door opening, then tried to lift up the shutter.

I was in despair when I noticed that it only lifted up a little, and I struggled to get it up when suddenly, there was an extra hand behind me who just pushed the whole thing without much effort!

No, no, this is no horror movie or it was not an invisible being, but a young man who just stopped by to give me a hand while he was on his way to his office just a few doors down.

He was quite cool about it and just nodded, but I was really touched and grateful for his help.
(No, don't think of anything mushy or romantic either)
I was genuinely and deeply touched by the actions as it was unexpected and rare these days.

I mean, how many people would help when they see something like this?
Some people may say that guys will be more willing to help ladies, but I don't think so.

I doubt that there will many who will lend a helping hand.

For that, I am convinced that there is still hope in this world.
To that young man out there, whoever you are, I just want to thank you for your great help which may not seem much to you, but you have really made my day and you are truly one with a good heart.
May the Good Lord bless you, and it is wonderful to start the NEW YEAR knowing that the world is indeed BEAUTIFUL with the many great people existing amidst the dark clouds =)

Have a MARVELLOUS day ahead!~

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