Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools' Day

It's the first of April today; and the day is also known as April's Fool Day where everyone is licensed to play tricks and jokes on others (family and friends) to enjoy a good laugh.

I can't remember the last time I observed the jokes and tricks on this day; as it was so long ago. Perhaps, I have already outgrown this tradition or perhaps age does play a role.

I remembered the anxiety looming my mind during my school days then; where classmates and close friends would be racking their intelligent minds to think of ways to pull of a trick on someone.
Yeah, I worry about being tricked or being fooled, as back then, humiliation is totally out of the question besides being branded a total fool.

I doubted words that came out of everyone's mouth particularly on this day; especially those that seemed too good to be true, and I can be really cautious but not to the extent of being paranoid.
Fortunately, my clique of friends and colleagues are not as crazy as I thought as they would just scare with funny jokes on insects appearing behind you and things like that.
I have seen worse pranks played upon other people; some even tear-inducing.

It may be fun, but I often wonder, what is the fun in making another feel upset or worried for no reason and you are the one behind it?
I probably sound a little serious and one who lacks the fun spirit in life huh?
Well, maybe I am, but smiles and laughter as a result of making another look like a fool (even if he or she enjoys it) does not sound like my idea of having fun.
(Then again, I am just too serious =P )

I have friends calling April Fools' Day their birthday; no jokes, seriously, and it's a pity how some of them are so scared to reveal their birthdays to others for fear of being fooled around by their friends and relatives.
They have slowly grown out of it; although some people really do doubt them when they reveal their birth date and would only choose to believe them when they produce their IDs!

It's interesting to note that countries like UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand only allow jokes to played until noon; and anyone playing a joke on another would be labelled an April's Fool! That's quite fascinating and it spared many from the other half day to worry about being fooled by others.

I do not wish to be fooled either way, thank you very much and April's Fool? Well, it has just become another flip of the calendar page to reveal a new month for me.

Happy April Fools' Day!!
No, this is not a prank post =)

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