Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why write when NOBODY reads?

I take a glimpse at my page views or visit charts and realize, nobody had really been visiting my blogs.
Although I do tell myself that I write because of my love and passion for writing, it is still disheartening to have that reality slapped right at my own face.

Yeah, I am no power blogger out there who can draw thousands or even millions of readers to their blogs/websites...I am just not there yet.
I am not demotivated to the lowest point to continue writing though, not the least.
Rather, I work on the contrary, I don't write to make others happy nor do I want to FORCE people to come to my blogs just for the sake of elevating the status of my traffic, but I write because it makes me feel happy and it reminds me of my own identity and the strength of words to express my emotions and thoughts.

There are millions of people out there who are bloggers, and the numbers are growing.
Out of all these, how many are really POPULAR with huge numbers of visitors to their sites each day and how many, are just sitting there, looking at 0 comments on their posts and some, even 0 visitors.

It's funny, but blogs have been such powerful tools which make people connect to each other via writing and ideas, and a money making instrument as well, if you know how to use it to your advantage.
I do earn a little from my blogs as well; emphasis on the word 'little' as in really really little, but it did not stop me from blogging.

When nobody reads, it is probably the ugly truth, my blogs are dull and uninteresting or another obvious reason; I had neglected my blogs for a while and my readers and followers have probably lost their interest.
Maybe, but nobody knows.

I know there are loved ones out there who take time to read my blogs, really, and some even people I don't really know but who are kind enough to write me mails or drop me a line or two at the comment section. You guys made my day, and you have no idea how motivating that can be.

One thing about me, I am not one who gives up easily, and since I write to fuel my own passion and the burning fury in me, I will not stop at it.
You can choose to read and like my posts, or you can just take one glance and decide you want to hop to another is YOUR choice.

I won't force nor beg you to stay, but for those who stayed, I thank you for your time and support, and trust me, I will not disappoint you ;)

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  1. keep up this attitude! remember, it matters not who reads the stories. it only matters that the stories are told.