Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to manage 10 blogs (or more) and be sane!

This is a question I was asked by almost everyone I know, or even those whom I do not know after clicking on my profile and finding a long list of blogs under my name.

"WOW, ten blogs, how'd you do that?"
"Why did you choose to have ten blogs, rather than have one stop portal and categorize them?"

There is just a whole list of FAQs I get (I'm not even famous!), based on the curiosity of people who just cannot comprehend how did I manage my blogs and keep them updated and yet not be frustrated by it all!

It is NOT easy, of course, but it is not THAT difficult either.
I may be busy at my day job, but trust me when I say that I am MORE busy with my blogs and yet, I actually enjoyed the latter.

It boils down to ONE word, PASSION!
Some would say that this is crap and yet majority would applaud this theory that passion is what fuels us to do and excel at something.

1. PASSION - I am passionate about writing and reading, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts with everyone I know (or don't know).

The second question comes, yeah, you could still have just ONE single blog rather than multiple blogs on diverse topics.

2. SYSTEMATIC/ORGANIZED - yeah, cheesy as it sounds, I am just someone who is annoyingly organized and I like to keep my stuffs that way (especially when it comes to books and my belongings).
It helps to keep me focused and be free with whatever I write and share, and jump from one world to another. In this blog, I am sharing all about my life and what I see in general.
When I move to my food blog, I go into the mode of thinking of what feeds or satisfies my taste buds and stomach!
I just love to categorize; BY blogs :)

After being able to answer this question, next comes, "But, which blog should we follow? Which is the main blog to keep us updated on your life?"

3. Honestly, this really depends on your preferences, on what you really like to read (which is why I categorize my blogs in the first place!)
You could be a food lover or a travel enthusiast, or even a dreamer who loves faraway land/mysterious stories but the point is to find your interests.
Of course, ultimately, if you really really want that anchor blog to feed your curiosity on what mainly goes on in my life, then THIS is the blog.
Yes, bookmark this blog as it will bring you to the rest of my blogs and it is the NEWEST blog.
(linked from my old main portal: Angelstar Blog Haven) - you can find old posts from my younger days in that blog

4. MY Preferences
Yes, I love to write and to own multiple blogs, and it just makes me happy. I love to share my thoughts and to pen what I have in my mind and with all the reasons above, you can choose to bookmark/subscribe/follow me on my blogs or just ignore me :)
I can't please everyone in the world, but I can please MYSELF :)
After all, we need to make ourselves happy to spread happiness around the world, right?

I don't need to go to the typical TOP 10/Top 5/Top3 or the generic count to prove my point =)
Hope this clarifies your burning curiosity about my insane number of blogs under my profile!

Oh ya, and HAPPY READING!~

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