Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Most popular (posted) on Facebook/Twitter

Social networking sites have been taking over our lives; especially those who were born in the 80's onwards and have continued to grow over the past decade.
No one born during this era would be walking around telling you that they don't have a Facebook/Twitter account.
Yep, even grandmothers and grandfathers (especially those hip hop ones) will tell you, "Add me on Facebook!"

Some of us have witnessed the storm of Facebook as it swept away Friendster, Multiply, Zorpia, Hi5, LiveSpace and continued to be one of the strongest dominating network in the world.
Twitter is just the same, and for work, some of us are also networking professionally via Linkedin.

Have you realized how dependent we are on networking sites these days?
Nobody does the good old way of sending letters via handwriting, stuffing them into the envelopes and dropping them into postboxes (with stamps affixed of course!) to send their invitations.

The funniest thing is how everyone seems to have the time to go online to update their status or comment on others or even upload new photos, but then they would be telling you that they are busy as hell at work.

I mean, how contradictory is that?

I have seen friends updating their statuses; "Busy at work", "Very BUSY today", "It's a super crazy day", "I haven't had time to go to the loo"...and the list goes on, you get what I mean.

Yeah, updating statuses seem to be the MAIN hype in Facebook and sometimes, I think it is just a little over the top; in fact, this is a serious sign of narcissism/deprived of attention.

Everyone is just constantly updating their statuses on Facebook, and trust me, what they want is just the comments, which translates to attention with a capital A and popularity with a capital P.

It is just that simple!

I have seen people changing their statuses so fast or even uploading photos of themselves in the hope of receiving comments and it just pleases them to no end when the list of comments just grow.

I find it ridiculous how people are just updating on their every moves or thoughts, as if they couldn't wait for the whole world to know them better via their pages.
I mean, are you guys really serious?

There are people who always say they are just so busy with work these days that they are frustrated and yet, they are the same bunch whom I had seen updating their Facebook so often that you could have gotten a lot of work done then.

Anyway, I have compiled a list of funny or even contradictory statuses which just tickles my funny bone whenever I see them appearing...just hilarious!

1. Crazy day at work (yeah, and you're updating on your work and your colleagues AND your boss, even what you had for lunch every few minutes!)

2. Sick...not feeling well/MC today
Hahahahha.....seriously, your boss should see this man!
You're on MC and you are so enthusiastic to update on Facebook to tell the whole world you are sick?
Maybe you are sick, but you are definitely not sick of 'working' on Facebook.

3. I am going for a vacation soon/I am looking forward to my trip to XXX soon!
How thoughtful of these bunch to be telling everyone where and when they are about to enjoy themselves when some others out there may not be able to go/cannot afford/had their leaves cancelled at the last minute.
Oh, and also, I am sure the robbers and thieves would be delighted to see those statuses.

4. I am Promoted, finally all my years of Hard work paid off
Hello, the whole world does not need to know how hardworking or how competent you are. We are your friends, not your potential employers. I am happy for friends who were promoted, but not someone who just wanted to boast online on how great they are.
There are some out there who may not be promoted for a long time, think of what you have done to their pride.

5. Depressed/Upset/Frustrated/
These are the expert and popular one lines that is sure to garner attention by the rest of the people on their facebook friends list.
Trust me, you will get comments in no time or faster than you can say "Peace"!

6. Stuck in Traffic Jam
The only people who need to read this or need to know that you are stuck in a traffic jam are your bosses and clients, or if you are on your way home for dinner, then your mothers/parents or your wife!
What the rest of us are interested in is the location where the traffic jam occurred and why, so that we could re-route our journey to avoid getting stuck like you.

Oh, there are also those albums and photos they can't wait to share on Facebook to tell the whole world where they have been or how good their photography skills are.
Yeah, it seemed like the WHOLE world is full of photographers-wanna-bes these days or just making their way towards this field.

Top reply of all time to all these statuses or narcissists, would be

Yeah, that way, you'd be able to step out of your door and enjoy what you used to do before the days of Facebook or Twitter.
That includes me, to stop blogging.....

Have a Great Day folks!~

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