Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Decade of Disasters - is the End Near

The recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami in Japan had the world in shock; and some of us are gripping our seats in fear and anxiety as we witness yet another tragedy claiming thousands of human lives.

The worse is, this is not the first to have occurred in the past few years; following the plights of the Haitians, Chileans, Iceland's volcano eruption, China's flood AND earthquake, Pakistan flood, Indonesia's volcano, and shortly before Japan, Christchurch's earthquake.
In fact, the occurrences of these disasters has even branded the year 2010 as the Year of disasters.

These disasters don't just come and take away lives, they rip us of hopes; hopes of the existence of tomorrow and living.

Because we know the cold truth that stares back at us; we are not fighting against nuclear bombs or air missiles which we can run and hide from because we can see them coming, no, this is a bigger force, much bigger than what the universe can contain, we are fighting against our Creator, GOD.

We humans are getting smarter through the ages; since man was first made and developments and technology have advanced progressively, creating the comfort and luxury living for all living on the Earth.
True, we may have surpassed the standards of ordinary living as we evolve from our forefathers who lived in caves and lit fires from sticks to warm their food to become worshippers of technology everywhere to make our lives easier.

The difference?
At the cost of nature; which was part of the design by God to provide sources of food and living for man.

As I write this post, I am also reminded of how I have also fallen for the beauty of technology taking charge of our lives in so many different ways.
The price of technology lies in the sacrifices of the trees and lands which have been our sources of survival for centuries.

We ripped them apart piece by piece to build high rise building homes and offices for the city dwellers, then to the ambitious skyscrapers to mark that number one spot in the world. That is not the end of it; as man would have it and they let their creativity get ahead of them (and their greed for money) by building resort homes on vast lands on the outskirts, where mountains and hills used to call their homes, now lay flat on the ground with world class facilities atop them.

Trees were chopped down to make way for development; and to be wasted by the junk we print from our fax and photocopy machines or printers, only to be thrown away. The trees died in vain; as they are torn into pieces and end up in piles of rubbish buried somewhere in the face of Earth.
Plastic bags, fragrant body shampoos and liquids make their way into our luxury list and also into the list of toxins which harm our environment as they are non-biodegradable and are just toxic wastes to intensify the pollution level.

We have now come to be superior beings; proud of what we have achieved so far and complimenting ourselves for surpassing our forefathers in increasing our quality of living.
We had conquered it all; we thought we had it all and we are now the kings on the earth.

Yeah, right, we are just too smart and complacent to see through our stupidity, or so we thought.

When the first disaster strikes, we start to be alarmed and then come the innovations of building disaster detectors, alarms, and putting in extra measures to ensure that construction projects are disaster proof.
It is a way we thought we could contain the problems but no, then another type of disaster strikes, and the same measures set in.
We know for a fact, that we cannot prevent nor control the occurrences of disasters but the freedom enjoyed without disasters had made us so full of ourselves that we thought we ruled the world.

As a Malaysian, I was supposed to be the more fortunate as we are living in a country free of natural disasters but honestly, I am never one to defy God; let alone predict God.
Being a country free of disasters, we were surprised by the unexpected visit of a tsunami hitting our shores and sweeping away homes and lives in a blink of an eye in the year of 2004.

So, I ask, do you still think that God is predictable?
Nobody can say for sure what will NOT happen nor what will happen; and don't you dare go challenge God.
They said "Titanic is unsinkable, even God Himself cannot sink it"
Yeah, freaking right, and where is Titanic today?

Due to the recent disasters happening one after another, it is no surprise that many, especially the religious, are starting to wonder, whether the End is near.
If you are a religious person, you would have read in your Bible or your Kitab, or even your sutras, that there is indeed the end of the world where mankind will be wiped out from the face of the Earth.
It is also known as the Judgment Day, to some of us.

In fact, the Mayans have also calculated their calendars until the year 2012 which paved way for speculations that the end is predicted to be in the year 2012.
Thanks to the smart and creative folks in the movie industry, they happily released the blockbuster movie titled "2012", as the End of the world, hitting the box offices in no time with the incredible visual effects with a WOW factor banging on your screens.

Little did they know, that they are actually making a movie to predict the disasters.
Look at the recent disasters which took place, particularly the scary earthquake plus tsunami which hit Japan; we see the houses and lands being swept away like toy cars or carpet movements just like what we saw in the Making of 2012, that it is hard to believe that this is reality.
(I kept telling myself this is not real, this is just an illusion)

Sadly, it is NOT, and we are left wondering, what is next?
We do not hope for more disasters, of course, but how would we know?
We cannot predict when the next tsunami would hit the shores, nor when an earthquake decide the shake the cores of the earth, or even which volcanoe would erupt; it's freaking scary I tell you when we are just sitting there, not being able to do anything.

We have seen enough disasters in the past year 2010, and we prayed for a better year 2011 but we are only in the first quarter, and the worst earthquake in a century have taken place.
It is no wonder many now fear the prophecy of 2012 being the END; where God will come and take all of us away.

Unfortunately, NO ONE knows for sure, except GOD himself.
Why do we fear?
We are afraid because it is the UNKNOWN, we are UNSURE, we cannot see it coming and hence, we WORRY.
We don't want to leave our lives without doing everything we dreamt of; seeing our children grow up, taking that vacation that we have always saved up for, or making it to one of the most influential people in the world.

Does it really matter anymore?
Yes, it does to most of us, because we don't want to die not being able to fulfill our dreams.
ASK yourself, have you even started pursuing your dreams?

I am not writing this post to tell you that I know when the End is coming, because just like you, I am nobody but a child of God, and I cannot predict nor do I dare to estimate what God will do next.
I am just like you, worried and afraid of what is going to happen next, and I pray that there will be no more losses of lives in masses. It is just too painful and heart-breaking to bear.

Since we don't know for sure, let's just do what we want to, and seize the day.
I always believe that we should live each day like it's our last day on earth, because nobody knows our own fates.

Whether the End is near or not, the most important is to do GOOD, besides enjoying yourselves and not contributing to the vices that plague the society or to lend a hand to destroy Mother Nature, but be thoughtful and considerate.
Think before you act, and you will find life more fulfilling.

I am no Merlin, nor am I an angel sent from heaven to bring you this message about the approaching end; but what matters most is to stay strong and united in times like these and to help wherever we could to our fellow counterparts in their survival.

Who knows, we could be next...

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