Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love is beautiful

Love is a beautiful thing
Love brings joy and tears to one in life
and yet can change one in a wink

Love is full of surprises
it can be as sweet as spring in full bloom
or as hot as a summer fling
and then turns to the autumn's cool gloom
or as cold as winter's wind

Love brings hope to our lives
and charms our hearts underneath
awakening strengths and desires deep within
spirits arise and flutter in our skin
yet a smile makes the heart skip a beat
making us struggle on our own feet
at the very point when our eyes meet
it was then to our hearts to take the lead!

Love is indeed beautiful
and it touches in many ways unannounced
from a mother's touch to a lover's embrace
it melts us deep down in our hearts
and will never cease to amaze
like the way a painter's work of art!

Love comes and never leaves
bringing laughter and yet even grief
it is sweet when love is found
but sorrow when love seems lost
love heals pain and wounds
and brings happiness when it looms

Love comes anytime or any day
and may not be recognized at first glance
when it found a place to stay
it is then that love will work its many ways
Be Happy that we have love all around
colouring our lives in leaps and bounds!~

Praise the Lord for his wonderful Gift
by showing us what Love truly means
His Love is truly touching
for us mortals and our next of kin
his blood washed away all our sins
and in our hearts His Love will remain within:)

Love is beautiful
Spread the word of love to the whole world
that love is indeed wonderful
and you will receive in your hearts in bountiful~

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