Friday, March 18, 2011

Disastrous reality

It was supposed to be the favorite day of the week for me, and I was happy to be chatting away with my family when the sudden flash of the news headlines appeared before me on the screen.

It was the reporting of a massive earthquake and tsunami which hit the shores of Japan; and is the worst in history.
I did not bother about the details as I was distracted by the images that soon appeared on the screen; where land and houses appeared so tiny as they were swept away by the gigantic waves.

I remembered telling myself, "No, this is just a movie; it looks just like what I saw in 2012 the movie"
I could not help gasping over the disturbing motion on the screen but yet, I refused to believe that what I am seeing is true.
I was whisked to reality when everyone around me was suddenly tight in their seats and said repeatedly, "This is just like the movie 2012!"

I know it is the reality, and that another disaster had hit but I could not bring myself to believe that another tragedy had taken place on the very Earth I am on now.

It is really dishearterning to see disasters happening one after another, affecting so many people from all over the world. Even if we do not have relatives or friends residing in the affected areas, it still did not stop us from the worries and anxiety we felt for the victims and their families.

Words simply cannot express how I felt as I watched how the big rolls of waves sweeping away the land on which houses, buildings, and cars are on; along with the human beings like they meant nothing.
The whole image appeared like it was just a simulation and those were just toys as it was just so small and fragile as it was carried along by the current.
I wished that it was true, I really do, and yet, I bit my lips and brushed away the tears (yes, I shed tears as it was really a very emotional scene) to witness for myself the possible remnants of living beings especially human beings, like you and me being helpless and struggling for their dear lives.

No one ever imagined themselves in situations like these, nor did anyone wanted it to happen unto others either. We are talking about lives and hundreds or probably thousands, although we prayed that it will be lesser in real numbers, are about to be lost in a scene constantly replayed like it was taken from the trailer of a new disaster movie.

Yet, this is no movie, as we saw the tragic scenes unfold on our screens, and planting those images in our minds and hearts, as we are filled with fear and sympathy for the poor victims and their anxious families and friends out there.
It is hard to imagine a town filled with modern technology and the merriment of the laughter and shouts of the residents yesterday turned to water and rubbles in less than an hour.

I just find it really disturbing to accept this destruction and I found myself praying, that it is going to be fine and sometimes even, maybe this is not true, it is just an illusion.
If, as a viewer staying thousands of miles can conjure thoughts and be in denial like this, I would not expect any less of the residents in the affected area and particularly families and friends of the victims.

We can offer our help, and most importantly, our prayers from our hearts.
I don't know why, I've always believed in the powers of prayers, as I have personally experienced it myself.

This is not the first disaster to have struck in the recent years, and each disaster left behind not only massive destruction, but also cries, grief and pain of the people who lost their loved ones.

There have been some negative speculation and remarks, or even hate comments being spread around on the Internet pertaining to the fate on the countries hit by the disasteer.
To me, that's a shame really, to be doing something as insensitive as this when there's anxiety all over the world.

It is not a time to blame on this and that, or to pick on others in times of crises, but to stick to each other and to help and support wherever we can; even if it meant mere moral support.

I am praying for Japan and all the countries affected by disasters recently as well; may God send forth his blessings to his people in need and for more survivors rather than deaths.

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